Blueranger Consulting

Build Great Products

Blueranger is a product management consulting practice that helps technology companies execute on their product ideas, from concept validation to launch and data-driven iterations. 

Blueranger’s principal, David Bialer, can help you formulate a strategy, focus your efforts, define your product, pivot an existing product, and improve your agile development process.


Create the Right Product

Around 80% of  products that I have been asked to validate fail to address customer pain points and have a product-market fit.  Cool technology, but does it address a need?

Developing products based on fallacious assumptions about customer needs often results in failure.  Time and money are wasted pursuing poor opportunities or building incorrect solutions.

With over 20 years of experience and wisdom, David can help you develop and validate product hypotheses,  specify a minimum valuable product before you start coding. 


Services Offered

  • Independent Concept Validation – Does your proposed solution match the problem?
  • MVP Definition – I can help you define your minimum valuable product and future iterations.
  • Jump-start an agile development process so that you can quickly react to customer feedback.
  • Get you to launch with confidence.
  • Prioritize opportunities and align with your goals
  • Coach/Mentor teams in creating smart, iterative best practices so your company stays nimble.
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