Blueranger Consulting

Build Great Products

Blueranger is a product management consulting practice that helps technology companies execute on their product ideas, from concept validation to launch and data-driven iterations. 

Blueranger’s principal, David Bialer, can help you formulate a strategy, focus your efforts, define your product, pivot an existing product, and improve your agile development process.


Don't Just Jump To Solutions

Around 80% of  products that I have been asked to validate fail to really address customer pain points with a product-market fit.  Most companies base their solutions on fallacious implicit assumptions about customer needs.  Time and money are wasted pursuing poor opportunities or building incorrect solutions.  


Services Offered

  • Independent Concept Validation – Does your proposed solution match the problem?
  • MVP Definition – I can help you define your minimum valuable product and future iterations.
  • Jumpstart an agile development process so that you can quickly react to customer feedback.
  • Prioritize opportunities and align with your goals
  • Coach/Mentor teams in creating smart, iterative best practices so your company stays nimble.
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