David Bialer - Summary

David Bialer is the principal of Blueranger Consulting and has over twenty years of experience in the technology industry. Past roles have included Product Lead for Good&Co, Product Lead for Mozilla, Head of Ecosystem for Qt Software at Nokia, Director of Alliances, Partnering and Open Source Community at Trolltech (acquired by Nokia), VP of Marketing Programs at Encirq, General Manager of Products and Services at Bsquare, Co-founder and Director of Business Development at MobileSoft, and Software Product Manager for the award-winning Philips Velo 1 Handheld PC.

Technology experience includes SaaS products, consumer web products, mobile apps, mobile & IoT devices, machine learning and recommender systems, wireless, consumer electronics, developer tools, operating systems, Qt, and Android. He has worked with ISV developer communities, OEM, ODM, IHV, system integrators and mobile Operators. 

David has an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and an BS in Computer Science from Cornell University’s College of Engineering.  

Industry Innovation
A Few Industry Accomplishments


Philips Electronics, Mobile Computing

A PDA with innovative features​

The Philips Velo 1 was a Windows CE handheld computer early in the mobile revolution.  It won best of Best Hand-Held Product at Comdex 96 by Byte Magazine and numerous other awards for design and innovation. 

David Bialer was the Sr. Product Manager of software for the Philips Velo 1.  Its innovative software features (at that time) included compressed voice recording, fax software, a software modem, and a built-in easy-to-use database.

MobileSoft, a division of Philips

The App Store Predecessor

MobileSoft was a division of Philips Electronics that was co-founded by David Bialer in 1997 based on a business plan that he wrote that received funding from Philips.  It was meant to solve a problem of providing software distribution for the software developers who were developing software for the new Windows CE platform.

As an independent arm of Philips Mobile Computing (also doing the devices), it grew to own about 40% market share of all software for Win CE devices by providing access to the market through a bundled CD-ROM and e-commerce website using “Electronic Software Distribution” – a predecessor to today’s modern App Store.


The Go-to Windows Embedded Company

David Bialer was the General Manager and Sr. VP of Bsquare’s Products and Services division. He joined the company to run the Windows CE application division. This division achieved profitability and was the top software company based on market share and revenue.  He was asked to take over and merge another division, Embedded Software, to create the Products and Services division which produced products and performed system integration for customers.  Under his leadership, the division achieved $40M revenue and grew to about 125 people in its second year and had 5 product lines including Windows-base terminals/POS, thin clients, set-top boxes, industrial automation and applications.

David was an officer of the company when it IPO’d on NASDAQ.


Qt and Qtopia

David Bialer joined Trolltech, a Norwegian company know for it C++ development tools and frameworks, to develop and grow partners for Qtopia, an application stacked based on Linux for mobile phones.  He grew to lead business development, partnerships and ecosystem for both Qt and Qtopia and managed 7 people.

One innovation was an open-source developer phone known as the Greenphone.  This phone was used by developers to create applications and modify the OS.

Trolltech IPO’d on the Oslo stock exchange and was acquired a year later by Nokia to form the basis of its mobile strategy.


Firefox Marketplace, an app store for web apps

David joined Mozilla after he performed some consulting assignments for Product Management department.  One project was to develop an MVP for an app store for Firefox OS phones with full security, app review system, developer portal, and mobile payments for emerging market.

David was asked to lead the project full-time and joined Mozilla as its product lead.  Firefox Marketplace grew to over 50M users in over 30 countries and 50 languages.  It expanded to desktop and Android, had a complete recommender system, and an editorial system.