Nitobi (Creators of PhoneGap): Business Development

Prior to Nitobi’s acquisition by Adobe, I was asked to help generate sales, ecosystem development, and develop a plan for PhoneGap Build.

PhoneGap developed a rich ecosystem of plug-in developers.

Affectiva: Go-to-market Strategist

Affectiva asked me to perform a market analysis, market segmentation and strategy for AI-based emotion measurement technology for both facial expression recognition and for emotion sensing wristband.

I developed use cases (currently in practice) for both technologies that helped these companies focus on specific market needs.

SpikeSource: Product Strategist

Developed strategy, marketing and business plans for automated software validation and testing for platform vendors. Key platform vendor target markets included enterprise software, mobile, open source, and cloud computing.

Crimson Consulting: Embedded Subject Matter Expert

Provided market segmentation, strategy and go-to-market plans for the Microsoft Embedded Division. I identified key markets and channel development for  point-of-sales, thin clients, automotive, handheld terminals, industrial automation and consumer electronics segments.

Exicon Global: Ecosystem Strategy Development

Exicon Global, a consulting firm, asked me to develop an ecosystem plan for a satellite data service to address the machine-to-machine space (IoT).  I developed the plan to build the ecosystem and presented to executive managment of their client.

Mozilla: Help and Mentor Product Managers with mobile operating system and marketplace plans

Mozilla requested that I help a product manager develop a Product Requirement Document for Firefox OS, a mobile phone operating system based on web technology.

At the time, the project was underway with around 40 developers hacking on different areas of the phone.  My assignment was to pull this together into a comprehensive view.

After completing that assignment, I was asked to help another product manager define a minimum viable product for the app store on the phone.  They then asked me to join Mozilla to lead this effort and launch the app store, which grew to about 50M users during the time I was at Mozilla.