David Bialer is an experienced product leader and mentor to other product managers.  He can help you take your product from concept through launch and lifecycle management, or teach your product managers how to do this with hands-on coaching.  He has the accumulated of many successes and failures that has made him wiser, insightful, and adaptive to your needs. 

Validate a Concept

Most products fail because they fail to find a product market fit or incorrectly assume that the intended need.  It is extremely expensive to jump to a solution before you have validated the need.  Using Lean Startup techniques, David can help you qualify and quantify needs, uncover implicit assumptions, and help you define a better product.

Define and Create an MVP

Once you have a validated concept, how do you create the minimum valuable product that is not over featured nor under featured?  What does your customer need to ensure they get the right value at the right time?  David can help guide you through this process.

Implement a Best Practice Agile Release Process

There is no one-size fits all method of developing a product.  This depends on the type of product, the characteristics of your team, and internal methodology for ensuring you can achieve at a high velocity.  David can help you define a process that best fits your needs.  David is a certified Professional Product Owner and Scrum Master.

Develop a Product Strategy and Roadmap

Aligning your product with overall company goals is the most important thing you can do to set you up for success.  Without clear goals, strategy and sequencing, given the resources that you have available, your product will fail or take more time than it needs to achieve the goals.  David can help you focus your efforts to achieve your goals, prioritize and come up with a realistic yet ambitious roadmap to get you to your goals.

Launch your Product

Product launches are an orchestration between many stakeholders.  Tight product launches set you up for success.  Ensure you are ready to go, that all cylinders are firing, and you can respond to changing needs.

Mentor and Train Your Product Managers

I can help your young product managers learn to do all of these themselves.

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